Friday, 29 August 2014

Well, if silence reveals our true intelligence...

this blog was quiet for 18 months - Wow!  But I just lost the plot - I mean, the words, I mean, the URL...

Whatever, I managed to remember how to log-in, without a clue what to say.  I shall see if a pic will load today.  And if not, talking is it...

how intelligent are the readers?  Oh, too deep at this time of day (er, it's nearly lunchtime).

So, you may or may not find this blog develops.  It was certainly interesting (just for me) to read the last few blogs, and their timing.  Some questions are unanswerable.  And the news is dire...
we hope for better: in news, in politics, in this little England that has become indecipherable.

I counted the poems written over the years - one year I vowed to write a poem a day (successfully!).  But I was flexible: whether a haiku or a sestina, each was counted...
until the year I turned to Epics.  And then I slipped a little in quantity of poems... but those few were book-length!
Another year I became hooked on haikuesque collectinos; one theme, with little images of 3 lines.  That worked well.  Hence, lots of poems!
And then 2012 happened... so 2013 produced more poems than intended.  Until my vow:
to never write a poem again, after 'The End'.
It seemed symmetrical, in a poetic way.

Did I follow my vow?  Well, nothing followed until 2014, when I wrote one solitary poem, in memorium - to date!

But are all words poems?  Well, maybe.  There are many ways to write.  I've tried the odd short story.  One non-fiction piece was published in a Scottish magazine.  And now I've turned my pen to micro-plays.  Not playing with words... well, yes.  All words are play.  But not every word is contained within a play - but, it works.  Good practice with dialogue, and scene setting.

Watch this space - or not.

Blickling winter walk.
Wow! Pics are back.

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