Friday, 15 March 2013

Seasons of silence

No, it still won't let me add pics - and you don't want to be bored by words, so...

brevity is only possible if you've said it all, simply, in the best way.

For the rest of us, we waffle on to the end, in hopes that everyone will find their own lucky dip, and so be happy.  Because words are never about what the writer is saying, they are always about the reader, and their understanding.

To talk to all the world is - impossible. 

It's all been said before, much better.

Only silence would reveal our true intelligence.

Bored with that!  So, without pictures, we grasp at straws - stories on the breeze.

I could have said wind, but, breath...

Much better.  Words are leaves.  Do they fall better in Autumn?

Leaves fall all year, if we have eyes to see.

Otherwise, enjoy Spring.  It's been trying, between snow flurries, and all the birds are bobbing and flitting from tree to earth to sky.  Then again, some worlds are always summer...

Switch off.  Go outside.  It's the fastest way I know to reach the silence.

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Anonymous said...

excellent advice. I think I'll stop procrastinating by reading random blogs and write some more. :)