Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dreams on Paper

Well, here's where you expect the Happy New Year.  Nah, no chance.  If you want that, then jump to one of these nice fluffy blogs, not here.
You may say writing is a serious business, but I think it's a way of life - not a choice, more a vocation.  A dream you have again and again...

Sometimes I wish I could have certain dreams, but they never arrive.  Lately I have been surprised by dreams and, brushing past a dragonfly in December was other-worldly.  Or so it seemed, on a cold and quiet day in the graveyard.

No Hitchcock here, I don't go to the graveyard by choice - who does?  Nor do I remain after dark.  Scary!  Nah, I must prefer brilliant sunshine; even the fall of Autumn leaves.  I wonder what transformation will appear when there's snowfall?  Will routes become impassable.  I love to walk in the snow, but, it's not near.

I saw in the New Year, as people do.  I even dressed in bright colours to mark a New Year.  Celebrations and commemorations.  No matter.  Everything is grist to the writers' mill.

I would prefer not to be a writer, than to have experience.

That's where the choice doesn't come in.  However, I have pushed out two eBooks, to provide links to experience, for those that need the sharing of words.  Of meanings.

So here is one piece of experience, in book form, free to download:-
NORFOLK’S BEAUTIFUL CHILD Pathway to a Diagnosis  Wendy Webb

Now available for free download from Obooko:-

As for a New Year, I have mixed feelings about leaving last year behind.  It cannot be regained.  It has gone forever now.
Yes, words.  All words.  And lots of lovely notepads and quality paper, reduced in all the stores at this time of year!

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