Friday, 25 January 2013

Dreaming an Old Dream

I think I will put the following down to feminine logic...

I used to be a sailor, in a holiday/relaxing kind of way.  So when I say that life has been a long reach downstream, and it's just too hard to ready-about and tack into wind... to get back upriver again... you may/may not/who knows...

When life becomes one long movie where you cannot second-guess the future nor even the past, then following the heart at least gives that intuitive 'right answer' when all else is confusion.

So if I say I had a beautiful dream last night - yet to describe it to you (except in verse) would not necessary explain why I woke up smiling.  I could say my counsellor is Italian, so lucky me to have someone intelligent and sensitive to talk to.  Did the chance to chat improve my mood?  Who knows, sometimes in life every day is confusion, with brief oases in the dessert.

Tee hee, I'm a writer yet.  Perhaps I enjoy the image of floating in a very sticky sweet chocolatey pudding, while contemplating how the desert might vanish in a sea of nothings?

The dream is meaningful only to the dreamer.  The symbolism of dreams is sometimes unique, though there are common themes of humanity.  Anyway, who cares, I woke up happy!  Now happiness is a rare diamond, for me, in 2013.  So I enjoyed the sparkle.

And then, before breakfast was over, crashed down again... I could have become catatonic, unable to do anything but sink into depression.  But that helps no-one, and is mighty exhausting.  So if I see a butterfly vanishing beyond a scented rose in January (must be a snowdrop or February Gold daffodil!)... then I will follow the dream every time.

I have never dyed my hair... I mean, I have never died it anything wildly different to its original shade.  I love consistency - though it is too easy for people to read character into a hair colour.  No matter, if I choose to change that colour, it is a cathartic moment for me.  A butterfly, flitting where it will, following the nectar and sunshine.  Oh, I need sunshine, like dreams.

How easy it would be, to follow the post-breakfast mood, instead of the butterfly in halcion skies.  Give me my dream again!  Or, another one that leaves me smiling.

Feminine logic it may be; on the other hand, creativity shares this approach.  Ooh, wonder if this will get a reaction!

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