Saturday, 12 January 2013

Death and beginnings

OK, how to increase the readership?  Who knows, who cares.  I write, and you read or not.  I write or not.  But rest assured, I have plenty to say if I choose!  And one day, you may be first to hear...

There are times that hit you like a multi-ton lorry!  And, you're left reeling.  Yet, these things are unpredictable.  What will cause the mega-ton explosion?  What will pass unnoticed and unmarked?

I could say, the whole world stops when a child dies.  Then again, it doesn't.  The whole world continues, blissfully unaware of such devastation.

I could say the best brain in the region has gone, and yet, who cares about brains, or heart, or flesh.  We care about our own, and little else.

Yet writing is impossible to understand.  I could go 12 months with nothing to say... or I could write the whole world in 6 short weeks.  Let's just say that 2012 was that kinda month.

Engaging in my son's teenage birthday party - well, by that I mean stuffing the oven full of suitable treats to drool over, and apologising over the number of candles.  But nothing could prepare me for the moment when the whole world collapsed.  When the maybes become the only conclusion to life... how to not be over-protective, when it's a scary world out there.  When the world has displayed its dark side, and it's only weird that I'm not comatose in despair.

What's the point?  Of keeping going?  Of writing against the odds?  Of being a writer in a surreal world?  Who knows.  And yet, it all makes sense... in an inexpressible way.

Anyone for celebrations, or BBQ?

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