Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Seasonal disorder

So the absence of pics stopped me writing a blog... there was too much else to do, in our visual world, like exploring the great outdoors.  I wonder whether my New Year's Resolutions will include more country walks?

I have to say that I'm impressed by the number and variety of walks over the year, and particularly their length.  Between swimming, walking and zumba, not to mention theatre, it was an energetic year.

But perhaps the tone of this Blog will change now... it has to, doesn't it?

No two years are the same, and sometimes, they have changed forever.

So what was good about the last year?  Shall I scream, nothing?  That would be untrue.  Shall I laugh, everything?  No chance.

It is what it will be, and that is unbearable and yet, not.  Nothing is; unless it is.

Did Christmas happen the same as every year?  Well, yes.  How could it not?  Yet I sent few cards; spent hours pouring over gifts.  Not.  And planned to do it all differently.  Would I change anything...?  Oh, don't tempt me.

Yet, it happened, and the stockings were put around the hearth... it has to be said, this was untraditional; for us.  No stockings dangled from the bedroom doors; no quiet creak and rustle, to post them just late enough... to not be found until morning.  Or so late that I would be asleep...

No chance.  Sleep?  It happens; more or less.

The hearth was a very good place for stockings.  The old ones survived for another year.

We did not bother to crawl under the tree in search of presents... we made it much easier... and, no photographs.  Well, not many.  No movie of the action.  Just the few cards that got through, to decorate the lounge.  And many more presents that made it to our door.

My favourite?  Oh, who knows.  But I know which card was the best.  And that dinner happened as usual; with precision timing.

And, the walk?  Oh, yes, the same walk.  Except, it's amazing how many people are out walking Christmas morning... I used to think it was the few brave souls in the afternoon; those who had been organised enough to serve dinner on time.  There were plenty of people walking Christmas morning...

I wonder why?

Yes, this Blog will change now... so if you want Tips for Writer, everything is in the reading; the thinking; and the doing.

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