Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Well, end the year as you mean to go on - yesterday I compiled this list, not to be taken too seriously!
You may also notice our blog name has changed.  The reason for the STAR, well, if you know you know, and if not... wait and see:-


1.      To diary in your writing time, for that pet project of 2013.  I wrote dairy!  Twice!  And then wondered what the pet was.

2.      To get out into sunlight, scenery and soaps... I mean, soap for the eyes.  I mean, visions and scents.  You don’t wanna see the rewrite!

3.      To buy the nicest notepad you can find – since quality breeds... greater failure when the page is no longer pristine.

4.      Learn to cut, cut, cut.  I mean, edit/read/fresh eyes/precision.

5.      To plan rewards for every little success!  The brain works remarkably well on praise, and barely notices if the praise comes from self.  Failing that, post-its/blutac all awards or publications in a prominent place.

6.      Why wait until the new year’s old?  If you have an idea, go with it!  Fastest way to find out if it’s viable or not.

7.      Not everything’s about writing.  Some things are about boosting life experience, hope, vision, and just plain eating and sleeping.  So they are all about writing then!

8.      Read broadly.  Better still, go see them!  The Broads, that is, or whatever else will inspire your creative processes.  And, er, take a book as well.

9.      Most of writing is about the quiet time before you pick up the pen – so, guard the couch potato in you... just make sure that couch is outdoors!

10.  Try the holistic approach – a pen in every room, and a notepad larger than a postage stamp.  Just imagine what ideas are lost by simple disorganisation.

11.  If it needs to pass the desk 3 times, it’s either the most brilliant idea (please share!), or the filing system’s failed.

12.  Steal the crown jewels – I mean, all your treasured memories and life experience!  Just make sure no-one recognises themselves... even when you’re writing about your prize subject (you).

13.  Learn the ropes – nothing to do with bondage, but it saves an awful lot of research if you read, read, and read a few Idiots’ Guides.

14.  Never tell an expert you used their Idiots’ Guide... book on a course, if only to commiserate with fellow-sufferers.  And, who chooses to be a writer?

15.  Oh, right, a good night’s sleep... will file in cloud cuckoo land, but, it’s a pleasant mesmeric experience anyway.

16.  Find another interest that’s nothing to do with writing – well, not creative writing – and then see how little time you have to create double what you managed before.

17.  Never finish all your ideas at the turn of the year.  Hellish to create resolutions and projects at the same time.  Always have more than one thing on the boil; not confusing, unless you always write to the same theme.

18.  Travel as far and wide as time, budget and commitments allow.  Travel further, just make better use of freebies!

19.  Never begin with an empty page; doodle if you must.  Or pick up a card and see if the picture inspires you.  If you are Wowed the minute you pick up a book, sympathies... you will never finish that reading pile!

20.  Never write the same NYRs as a previous year – you will instantly know if they’re failures.  Get creative – you may find an article, poem or short story brewing...



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