Thursday, 2 February 2012

Memories of place

It may be too late for a happy New Year, but sight of Cromer from the promenade brings back impressions of Christmas Special on the pier.  This chill scene of the most delightful seaside town of the east is known, in its heyday, as Poppyland.

So what memories are linked to the East Coast?  Blistering winds and chill seas?
Fish n chips?
Cromer crabs?

No matter. Every place has its story, and some places linger, with old-fashioned charm.

There is nothing more old-fashioned than a screaming Boudicca of the East Coast, raging her route to Londinium.  And yet, was it more remembered for aching chill and rage, or for the marble pavings along Oxford Street?
Impressions of pouring rain and winter boots, or of that moment of uncertainty - stepping onto marble entrances, of busy shops, and exploring the paving intimately?  So Boudicca raged against the status quo, and limbs are not intended for close proximity with marble.  No matter; the trip to London was delightful.  The placing of this monument, beside the Thames, was entirely appropriate.  And now we wonder how long Big Ben will last, like the Leaning Tower... yet Westminster would not be the same, without this link to the blue woad of East Anglia.
All scenes are relative, packed with memories of travels and people.  This holiday destination was memorable - not for the food, though it was sufficient and well-prepared - but for the daily trekking around the island, and returning to reliable food at the hotel.  Yet who could resist a dining room full of mirrors; and endless refelctions.  No wonder the location produced an entire collection of poetry.  Yet, is it a once in a lifetime, or a place to return, again and again...  who knows, holidays are - always - memorable.
If not for food, then, for fish... living; in the ocean.

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