Saturday, 29 October 2011

Plum Tree

And now it is autumn, the garden is ablaze with colour.  The birds have not returned to the gardens for food because, here, the sun continues to shine.

There have been bees, butterflies, dragonflies.  Winter flowering shrubs have begun to shine - along with spring shrubs that are trying to flower for a second time.  Even the strawberries have green budding fruit.

As for the plum tree, its leaves are more ragged than summer, yet they have not begun to fall with the acorns and oak leaves.  They are very noticeable on the ground, with such vibrant reds.  Yet they will fall and soon there will be bare branches into winter.

And then there will be nothing but dark stems and, amazingly delicate trunk and branches that survive - along with the oak - all that winter brings.

The little plum tree is endearing whatever the time of year, but I don't see wood pigeons attempting to land among its delicate limbs; nor the crows; nor jays.  Even the cats find a securer place to watch birds flit through, or compete with other cats.  I won't say goodbye to the plum tree until snow graces its branches, and it's all monochrome.

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