Sunday, 16 October 2011

More or Less

Some things are more, or less, than they appear.  This flowery summer hat was delightful - protecting me from the sun, on a meander around Candle Dyke. 

Typical Norfolk, water, windmills and swans.  Mesmorised by dragonflies, it was impossible to capture them on film.  The walk turned into a dawdle, a frustration, anything but a photograph. 

And then, obligingly, a young dragonfly landed on my hat and waited for his photograph to be taken.  It must have thought I was a flower.

Did you notice the landscape, the hat, or the dragonfly?
A relaxing drink in a well-known chain, the view left me high and dry.  Well, not dry, for this chilling drink is alcohol-free cider, and delightfully cool watching the world and his boat go by. 

But did you notice the drink, the bottle, or the picture of a pear on the label?

Finally, the War Memorial has been restored to its full and dignified state, guarding the council house and the best view of the marketplace.  Yet, look closely at this modern art.  There's a pair of lungs, something about breath and life.  Fascinating.
I wonder what you thought it was?  Or what the strange building hidden from view? 
Yet none of these images sparked the Muse.  When a poem arrives, there's a fizz in the air - something has changed - something that needs full and instant attention.  If the parcel is not unwrapped immediately, it may vanish or change its shape.

I knew I would write a poem, following a sunny day of blue skies, in the heart of an Autumn Norfolk.  What it would be was a mystery, until it arrived - fully formed and demanding to be scribbled down immediately.
'Wymondham Abbey' arrived in a cacophany of crows, as the hymn played on indoors.

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