Saturday, 29 October 2011

Beginnings and Endings

Beginnings and endings are strange, but it's the bit in between that's tricky.

Looking up into this cherry tree, nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed.  It blossoms in spring, as it has always done.  I remember delighting in this tree every year, to the extent that one day the neighbour hammered a fence in the middle of his hedge - just to prove that the tree was his and not ours.

But it's mine.  Every year and forever.  In every blossom that falls anywhere in England.  The tree is immortalised in my memory.  Not his.

And some scenes are ever-changing, but here I can imagine the Thai restaurant on the river - the food, the price, all delightful.  The river scene was never the same, and yet the river cruises have been turning round beside the bridge for years.

 Eating aboard the boat - that was more a dry dock than afloat - it was a first.  Nothing to rock our enjoyment of the food.

Yet just down the road were many land-locked restaurants, all charging higher prices for a Father's Day meal, yet this was the best - the very best.

And though every year is the same, where we eat is always a new beginning.  Family time afloat.

So was I awash in this major pub chain, where bargain meals are standard?

Entirely alcohol-free pear cider from Sweden, iced to perfection... and though the colour was more like lemonade than anything richer, the taste was like nectar.

A long slow comfortable drink, to watch the world go by on the river.

And I thought the theme was about friendship?  Beginnings and endings?  It's the time in between that's ever-changing, like a river view.

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