Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Visitors and residents

 There are many visitors and residents that give a new perspective, impressions that can turn to verse, or a photo or painting, or a short story.

Everything holds interest from the right perspective, like this delightful ladybird.  And not a harlequin in sight.

And when visitors arrive, they bring flowers.  The most gorgeous peonies I have ever seen, good enough to eat.  Well, almost!  So, while Van Gogh would have waited until they were dying, to paint his masterpiece (I considered this, but really, the peonies were at their best in full bloom), I picked up four mini canvases, and tried to capture the overflowing vase before it was lost forever.

Four impressions, one vase, and perhaps each canvas will wing its way to different parts of the country.  But perhaps they will need this pic, for the full effect.

And one day, perhaps, my painting will be able to do justice to such a work of art.  If not, I still have the camera - which never lies.  But it's all about perspective, seeing the picture before framing the shot.

Visitors bring flowers, and so do residents, and everyone is well worth framing for another picture.  They will make great covers or illustrations to the Muse, when it strikes.

And many visiting yachts moor up on the Norfolk Broads, like this one at Blakeney, when the tide was out.  The wetlands are a great place to watch winter and summer visitors - and not only those that enjoy seafood snacks!  Oh, for a long zoom lens, to capture the wildlife on the wing.

And if I cannot capture the scene on canvas yet, there are many photographs to reproduce the momemt, and remember the wading of avocets.

I wonder what visitors will drop in to my garden next... or perhaps the regular residents: crows, magpies, wood pigeons, collared doves and jays.

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