Friday, 29 July 2011

Little messages

There are little messages everywhere, in nature and in life.  These messages of spring may remind me of the Lake District, Dora's Field, the Daffodil Garden in Grasmere, or climbing the Bowderstone near Ullswater.

But they don't, they remind me of endless walks through woodland, sights of follies, bluebells, a lake, a house, and everything Norfolk.

Many and varied are the messages off Cromer, without a bottle, or even a mermaid crabbing off the pier.

It reminds me of the delightful clifftop walk through the gardens, and down to the chippy or the doughnuts at the bottom.  Sadly, the little train is gone, but there are new rides for children.  The slot machines are unchanged in... forty years!

But nowadays, I remember Cromer for the Hard Rock Cafe, well, actually it's the Old Rock Cafe and Bistro, where you can order a coffee or light lunch, and play an old-fashioned jukebox.

Makes you feel like doing the twist-again!  Mind you, the prices are modern.
And then, there are little messages of the present.  A twin set of cats, who learnt their first leap of the fence into our bird-friendly garden.  Their first 'how to climb a tree and get stuck'.  Their first, 'I really would prefer to be in your lounge'.

And, of course, the first 'little parcel'.  Fortunately, it was not a bird.

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