Sunday, 26 June 2011

Every way you look at it

Nothing stays the same - it's all changing.  Except, perhaps, these clouds above my former college.  It was strange to discover a brand new housing estate, and none of the images in my head were visible to anyone out for a normal stroll.  Everyone busy, crossing the street, going about their business.

Do they even consider how the road name was chosen?  A former college, now just a passing street name.  It was good to immortalise the place, and to find that the basic swimming pool had also survived.  The only marker of the former map of campus.

It has happened everywhere.  Places remembered from youth, fresher every day in memory.  And yet, the places we knew have now become simply a memory.

I wonder if these memories are as unchanged as the clouds passing overhead?

But isn't it sad when a place of worship is now a home for the crooning of doves... let's not beat about the bush, here.  Those angel choirs and wedding bells, now derelict and open to the sky.  Pigeons roosting on the window sill.  The memorial jubilee tree planting - how many years?

Once a new planting, and now grown so large that it masks the east end window.  A brand new church for an established housing estate.  Shame the houses haven't changed.  They have lasted longer than generations of council flats.

How long before the residents no longer remember the former church site?  Nor the former school.  Where do children go to school now?  How many travel great distances by bus, different children in different schools?  A country of commuters.  Like the pigeons.

And some things never change - simple advertising.  Where else would you leave the man while the women shop?  In this pub beside the market...

Nice piece of advertising... I wonder if it's busy?  A Husband Creche.

It was much easier to spot where the youth congregated on a hot summer's day... on the roof of the shopping centre, passing like clouds on a summer's day.

I wonder how long it will be before everything changes.  Will the young remember their favourite haunts - the roofs of the shopping mall, watching the world pass by?

How long before they move on?  Youth?  The shopping mall.  And those clouds in the sky - that never change.

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