Wednesday, 4 May 2011


A Sitooterie (Scottish) is an outdoor space to sit... a place to enjoy nature.  And there are few places that combine the enjoyment of nature with the formality of a house and garden, reputedly the birthplace of Anne Boleyn.

So whether you enjoy architecture or flowers, Blickling Hall is definitely the place to be - most of the year. 

 Except, I would guess that a Sitooterie is a peaceful place.  And this one is definitely peaceful.

Now.  And that, maybe, is a little sad.  Because, designed into this delightful location is a combined art and poetry project.  Where could there be a better place for such a venture.

Except, the tanoy relaying the words was - echoing in all the wrong ways.  The idea may have been good, a marrying of the old and new.  Except that, now, the tanoy is silent.  End of the project?  A power failure?
Who knows? Who cares? 

For the sake of art and nature, I hope the silence endures.  And then, this delightful Sitooterie will be what it was designed for.  A place of tranquillity.  A place to enjoy nature and art.

  • Words are good.  Words are best when spoken with silence.  In a peaceful place where nature is undisturbed by machines.
 Let the poet speak.  For the pictures speak a thousand words already - and though not as eloquently as nature.  They catch the light and sense of place.

But, please, let the tanoy remain silent.

And then, I can recommend every delight, all year.  Because, this is as good as it gets.

 This place is so delightful, that even the pictures in this blog are repeating themselves.  Joining all nature in seasonal variations and repeating themes...

Perhaps the extra pics will vanish, once I publish?

If not, does it matter.  Nature repeats itself.  So does poetry.  And since this is also the Tree Year, I have to say that there is nothing new for my little plum tree.  Except, perhaps, the bees are buzzing, the flies are hovering, the doves are crooning and the crows are fighting.  All this, and more, sitting beside a baby tree.  And, when the sun shines, like light through stained glass, the leaves of the plum are luminescent, like amber or hot coals.

Go and find your own Sitooterie of silence.

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