Saturday, 2 April 2011

Tree Year - it's April

 It's the Tree Year, and everywhere I look the garden is bursting with life... except that it's been so cold, grey, blustering that I haven't been sitting outside waiting for birds.

And, you have to be dedicated to be a twitcher.  I would probably wander off with a book, a poem, or the laundry...

So I added a bird feeder, to ensure capturing whatever wildlife was attracted to my tree.  Except, I have seen birds on every feeder except this.  They probably all arrive early morning, to avoid my gaze.

As for having a camera lens at the ready... it takes patience.  And time.  So while I may find time when the Muse strikes, to drop everything... that leaves little time for anything else but essentials.

My baby tree is now covered with pink blossom.  They flower has five petals, each one delicately lined up along each branch.  I spent so much time sitting nearby, admiring its beauty, the birds probably didn't get a look-in.

Except, by the time I could coordinate having a camera to hand AND the sun shining for best effect, the full effect was past for another year.  For, every day, those tiny golden florets were budding and growing... and soon the tree will be covered with leaves.

The first bumble has bumbled in happily.  The first sleepy ladybird.  In fact, there are so many birds singing, that this pair of juveniles are mesmerised by events... now cats enjoy scents of the garden, I caught one sniffing a hyacinth.

However, it won't be long until the fledglings, and the noisy worries of mum...

The tree grows and blooms, so does the rest of the garden.

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