Sunday, 17 April 2011

I had a little plum tree

And now, my plum tree comes into its own.  As fast as it's covered with delicate pink blossom, the leaves bud in shades of copper.  It may be small, but this tree packs a punch in any garden.  Its limbs are delicate and graceful, and the leaves are the most unusual shade, beginning with those bright buds, and covering the nudiflorum rapidly.

There are worse trees in a small garden.  It would be hard to find a small tree with more interest through the seasons.  It is a complete contrast to the vivid spring greens all around.

So has it attracted wildlife?  Who knows?  There's a hover fly hovering around.  A bumble bumbling past.  The doves croon as they always do.  Blue tits, great tits and longtailed tits bob on and off the feeders around the garden.  And everywhere, spring bulbs bloom.  This is a place for a seat, a place to sit and admire the peace of the garden.  If it does nothing else all year, it will have been worth waiting for. 

And what, possibly, could the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich do, month in and month out.  Visiting performances, comedy or Shakespeare or music.  Everything imaginable in a small theatre.  It is of historic interest - there's even a song named after the location... where the man danced his way all the way to Norwich, from London, and then leapt over the wall.  Since the wall contains a churchyard of plague victims, it is hard to treat this tale lightly.  But there is far more gentle entertainment within this active and vibrant theatre.

Whether it is 40 years, or a 100 years on, this location packs a punch.  And they don't even charge the earth for ice creams and programmes.

For free entertainments, there are few places better than Covent Garden.  This opera singer had a memorable voice, but married his performance with comedy magic moments that had the beer vanishing or reappearing to great applause.

For fun and photo opportunities, Covent Garden is delightful.  And it's not far from that other great free entertainment venue: the National Gallery.  The coffee's not expensive, the pics are to die for, and if you bore (!) there's always plenty to watch in Trafalgar Square.


Erin O'Riordan said...

Your plum tree blooms early. Mine is still in its winter slumber. I also have to wait for Summer Shakespeare to come to town.

Tips for Writers said...

Summer Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream... the best way, outdoors.