Sunday, 20 March 2011

You zoom a little, you moon a little ...and then you turn red!

It's the Tree Year... and quite a lot has happened since my last post, looking over the fence...

Spring has arrived!  The garden is in bloom, the birds are singing, and I have no idea how many words I have written... but creativity is currently in flood.

So it is not surprising, when looking closely (as all good poets do) on their own side of the fence, to find my Prunus (plum tree), although a baby in the garden, is springing into life.  Since I thought - being less observant before the Tree Year - that this tree bloomed 'nudiflorum', I was taken aback to see these leaves budding hopefully, while the buds are just eyeballs fast asleep.

Since the leaves of the plum tree are striking, I was again surprised to see how golden they burst forth.  Other shrubs are golden, not lime green or yellow.  It is one of the many delights of this changing tree.  And next post, I will tell you what happened after that... along with blossoming daffodils, hyacinths and the arrival of the first bee.

Talking about zooming in, to a closer perspective, I would not have noticed this collared dove without the new camera.  It's all about changing the perspective.  While checking the zoom lens in the park, and seeing how 'invisible' you are with a camera from a distance, I found myself eyeball to eyeball in the branches.

Since the collared dove stayed put, the sight of my zoom lens was not too scary!  Here's hoping other wildlife is as obliging.  And no, I don't know what the red cone was for, after all, it is out of focus.

 One thing I was definitely happy to zoom in close to, was Joan's new poetry collection.  Since it's from the IDP 'stable', the colour, as ever, was stunning.  Ditto, quality of work.  It really is worth reading, and if you have not discovered the delights of Indigo Dreams Publishing on the Net yet, it is the best Indie publisher in the UK.  This means you get all of the quality 'undiscovered' poets.  Not that they're all undiscovered, if you have peeked inside a certain major UK chain recently (and if the - also blue- cover is not on the poetry shelves, just ask them!), then you may have seen 'Soul Feathers'.  It includes the poetry of 'unknowns' such as Sophie Hannah, Bob Dylan, Carol Ann Duffy, and Seamus Heaney.  Of course, I know many more of the poets' names from IDPs best book of the decade (probably), but that's because I'm also an unknown small poet.

 Talking about looking closer on your own side of the fence - this was my first sight of a ladybird this spring, climbing carefully up a bare twig... but it will not be long before it is clothed in green.  The twig, that is, not the ladybug... although they are under threat from the Harlequin, which has now spread so widely in the UK... you will recognise them by the unusual variations in number of black dots, but the different colours...

and the real giveaway!  The big H across their shoulders!  I told you that writers were observant.

And since this poem is truly about zooming, rather than the spectacular supermoon last night, here is a close-up of our plum tree, about to burst forth, like a rosy queen....

And thereby hangs a tale, but my time's up!

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